accesso Webinar Series Presents: Email Marketing Made Easy with our accesso ShoWare Solution!

Email marketing is a vital part of the marketing mix for promoters of live events and performances, but this channel of communication is becoming increasingly cluttered. Every day there are at least 205 billion emails sent worldwide, from personal emails to newsletters and more (Radicati Group). With our inboxes so inundated with messages daily, how do marketers ensure that campaigns are successful, and that their resources are spent wisely? For clients of our accesso ShoWare solution, we have partnered with Emma® to deliver a robust email marketing integration that allows you to easily create, launch and monitor targeted email marketing campaigns directly from your accesso ShoWare account.

accesso Webinar Series Presents: Introducing the Shining New Standard in Smart Park Technology, accesso Prism!

From the very beginning, the accesso team has believed that technology has the power to redefine the guest experience. Whether by making ticket purchases online in advance of their visit or by virtually reserving their place in a long line so they can enjoy other attractions, your guests are always looking for ways to make the most of their leisure time. With the incredible advancements of technology in recent years, attractions now have the power to provide seamless service to their guests from the very first planning stages of their visit. Watch our webinar to learn more about the shining new standard in smart park technology!

accesso Webinar Series Presents: Simplify Your Email Marketing With Our accesso ShoWare Solution.

At accesso we believe that technology has the power to redefine the guest experience. Our powerful and innovative solutions deliver breakthrough revenue generating technology for our clients around the world so they can focus on providing outstanding experiences to guests. We are excited to announce a new enhancement to our accesso ShoWare solution’s Email Marketing functionality that will help our clients simplify and streamline operations while delivering powerful insights to help increase ticket sales. Watch our webinar video to learn more!

accesso Webinar Series Presents: Building Loyal Patrons with our accesso ShoWare Solution's Memberships Module

Research shows it costs five times more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing ones. The philosophy behind this is simple: it’s much easier to keep patrons who are already familiar with your venue engaged than it is to start from scratch, finding new customers, making them aware of your venue and performances, and encouraging them to visit. Furthermore, existing patrons are more likely to step into deeper levels of commitment than brand new customers. Watch our webinar to learn more about building loyal patrons with memberships!

accesso Webinar Series Presents: Driving Donations with our accesso ShoWare Solution's Fund Management Features

From global crowdfunding to micro-lending, there are more ways for your patrons to participate in charitable initiatives than ever before. If you are a theatre or performing arts center whose vitality depends on successful fundraising and development initiatives, you know the importance of making the donation process as easy as possible for your donors, giving them a variety of payment options (mailing a check, dropping off cash, or making a donation online with a credit card) to suit their needs, and communicating with them in their desired format, whether by postal mail, email, phone call, or social media. However, there’s another way to reach your charitable donors at an even more convenient time: when they are purchasing tickets to your shows! Watch our webinar to learn more about driving donations with fund management.

accesso Webinar Series Presents: Give Your Guests Financial Flexibility with our accesso Siriusware Payment Plans Module

For your guests, visiting your venue might be a big investment - one they plan carefully and save up for over time. How can you help to ease the burden of cost for your guests so they can stress less, enjoy more, come back more often and have a better experience overall? Payment plans are the easy answer, and they can be surprisingly simple and easy to implement. Watch our webinar to learn more!

accesso Webinar Series Presents: Increase Online Conversions with our accesso ShoWare solution's Enhanced Checkout

In today’s eCommerce landscape, customers expect a shopping experience that is engaging and easy, whether they are using a mobile device, tablet or computer.  If a retailer’s page is complicated to navigate, loads slowly, or requires too many steps to complete an order, customers are more inclined to abandon their cart. A study by CPC Strategy found that over 68% of all online shopping carts were abandoned, costing the retail industry over $18 Billion dollars in lost sales. Watch our webinar to learn more about increasing online conversions with enhanced checkout. 

accesso Webinar Series Presents: Navigating eCommerce in a Mobile Landscape

Many venues still think of ticketing from the onsite purchasing perspective, with the front gate or box office being the first interaction point with a guest. In reality, most guests today will have already visited your venue’s website before they arrive. In fact, you can expect that about half of your guests will be browsing your website from their smartphone looking to learn more about your attraction and ticket offerings. Are you prepared to make a great first impression? Watch our webinar to learn more about navigating eCommerce in today’s mobile landscape!

accesso Webinar Series Presents: The Latest in Ski Industry Innovations

Ski resorts face a unique set of operational challenges, from managing customer data throughout a visit to ensuring guests have quick and easy access to the gear and services they require. With over 20 years of experience in ski, accesso truly understands the unique needs of ski areas. Watch our webinar to learn about our recent innovations for the ski industry!

Advanced Reporting and Business Intelligence Webinar

Understanding data is the key to optimizing business operations and growing your patron base. Whether it’s knowing how to spend your advertising budget, how to price different sections of your venue, or how to staff your box office, having this information available and easily-digestible can empower you to make decisions that drive the success of your organization forward for many years to come. Watch our webinar to learn more!

accesso Webinar Series Presents: The Latest in Museum Management Innovations

Cultural institutions and museums provide mind-opening experiences to guests every day, but it can be challenging to extend that wonder and awe into your technology solutions. At accesso, we understand the importance of building strong, lasting relationships with your visitors to earn their loyalty and convert those casual guests into lifelong members and donors. Watch our webinar to learn more about our recent innovations for museums and cultural institutions!