accesso Webinar Series Presents: Build Loyalty with Benefits and Entitlements!

**accesso** Webinar Series Presents: Build Loyalty with Benefits and Entitlements!

Keeping the right customers and building loyalty is core to any business, whether you are a museum, ski resort or theme park. Loyal customers convert to members and season pass holders, and they can also become your biggest brand advocates. With our accesso solutions, it’s easy to mobilize and activate your loyal customers to do more, buy more and help recruit new patrons. In a recent webinar, Sales Engineer Stephanie Horwath explored how to build and manage high-performing Membership and Passholder loyalty programs with our accesso Siriusware solution.


Our accesso Siriusware solution helps our clients deliver powerful benefits with speed and simplicity, eliminating the need for paper coupons or vouchers and driving guest loyalty. Why focus on loyalty? Research shows that new customer acquisition costs five times as much as retaining existing customers, and that increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits by as much as 25%. Using our Benefits and Entitlements feature, you can create value by offering perks and incentives such as pre-sales, free ticket exchanges, free parking or discounted items that are easy to reward and redeem. These benefits can be configured for redemption onsite as well as online, which carries the added benefit of freeing up spending for once the guest arrives.


Our Benefits and Entitlements feature requires minimal set-up and can be configured to work with any existing pass or membership item. Benefits are directly linked to the guest ticket or pass item, so if the guest has multiple passes, the system will cascade through their profile when their pass is scanned to find the appropriate benefit to apply to the product they are purchasing. Benefits can be added to specific pass types, like Family Memberships, or at an individual level, which can help staff quickly resolve customer service issues with passholders. Through insightful reporting on guest spending and trends, you can measure and track the success of your loyalty programs. Plus, you can always add more benefits to your pass and membership programs whether at the individual or global level.


From set up to redemption, our accesso Siriusware Benefits and Entitlements program provides a streamlined solution for any loyalty program. By programming specific benefits and entitlements in advance, it eliminates the need for operators to regulate discounts. For example, a ski resort may want to offer two free fountain drinks per day as part of their season pass benefit program. Rather than putting the burden on staff to make sure that guests are not getting expensive bottled drinks for free, our solution does the work to track and regulate promotions, which ultimately means that transactions are faster and easier for both guests and operators. Furthermore, our Item Groups feature allows you to simplify the discount assignment process by grouping together items from different departments and categories in your system. For example, a museum that offers a “Free Lunch” benefit for members could set up an Item Group called “Lunch” that pulls in drinks from the drink department, sandwiches from the entrees and chips from the sides.


It’s also easy to redeem benefits online using our accesso Passport® eCommerce store, which is fully integrated with the accesso Siriusware database. Once a guest logs in, the accesso Passport store communicates with the accesso Siriusware database to relay the benefits remaining and eligible purchase discounts for a guest. Our accesso Passport eCommerce solution will then guide the guest through an intuitive shopping experience where they can easily select the items they wish to purchase or reserve. Once the sale is complete, the benefits are deducted in real time.


Watch our webinar to learn more. If you have questions or would like to learn more about our accesso solutions, contact us here or email