After Merger, Company Gets New Name – accesso

After Merger, Company Gets New Name – **accesso**

Orlan­do Sen­tinel reporters, Jason Gar­cia and Sara K. Clarke, shared details of acces­sos new name and vision.

An excerpt:

A lit­tle less than a year after buy­ing the amuse­ment-indus­try e‑commerce com­pa­ny acces­so LLC of Lake Mary, British Lo‑Q PLC has also adopt­ed the small­er company’s name and logo. 

The com­bined com­pa­ny this month for­mal­ly renamed itself acces­so Tech­nol­o­gy Group and began trad­ing on the Lon­don stock mar­kets under the tick­er ACSO.” Chief Exec­u­tive Offi­cer Tom Bur­nett said the rebrand­ing bet­ter reflects the company’s core busi­ness of giv­ing theme parks and oth­er venues access” to high-tech sys­tems and tools.” 

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