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accesso Blog Series: Reasons to Embrace Continuous Learning at Your Venue

In the fast-paced enter­tain­ment and leisure indus­tries, change is the ulti­mate con­stant. In order to stay on top of these changes and remain com­pet­i­tive in the mar­ket­place, busi­ness lead­ers are embrac­ing con­tin­u­ous learn­ing pro­grams as a way to nur­ture their most valu­able assets – their peo­ple. Read on to dis­cov­er what is dri­ving the need for con­tin­u­ous learn­ing and to explore options that make sense for your orga­ni­za­tion, whether you are a theme park, muse­um or ski area!

accesso Tech Boosts Bear Grylls Experience

Tick­et­ing Busi­ness News shared details on acces­so’s expand­ed part­ner­ship with Mer­lin Enter­tain­ment to pro­vide tick­et­ing, vir­tu­al queu­ing and guest expe­ri­ence solu­tions for The Bear Grylls Adven­ture in Birm­ing­ham, Eng­land. The attrac­tion will uti­lize the acces­so Prism wear­able device, named The Bear Tag,” as well as acces­so Pass­port tick­et­ing and The Expe­ri­ence Engine to deliv­er an immer­sive guest experience.

accesso and Merlin Entertainments take long-standing partnership to new heights at The Bear Grylls Adventure

Park World shared news of acces­so’s expand­ed part­ner­ship with Mer­lin Enter­tain­ments to pro­vide a seam­less guest expe­ri­ence at The Bear Grylls Adven­ture in Birm­ing­ham, Eng­land. The attrac­tion will be using acces­so’s tick­et­ing, queu­ing and guest expe­ri­ence man­age­ment plat­forms in addi­tion to the acces­so Prism wear­able device which it will call the BearTag.”

accesso Learning Series: Introducing accesso Siriusware QuickScan!

We are excit­ed to debut the first of three prod­ucts designed to shape the future of mobile appli­ca­tions for our acces­so Sir­iusware point-of-sale solu­tion – our new QuickScan appli­ca­tion! This new solu­tion com­bines the soft­ware of Scan­Man with a beau­ti­ful, angu­lar front end that is com­pat­i­ble with Android® Mobile, and also includes new fea­tures to help you stream­line your access con­trol oper­a­tions onsite.

Merlin partners with accesso for BearTag at The Bear Grylls Adventure

Blooloop shared details on acces­sos inte­grat­ed tick­et­ing, queu­ing and guest expe­ri­ence suite it has imple­ment­ed for Mer­lin Enter­tain­ments at The Bear Grylls Adven­ture. Notably, Mer­lin will be using the acces­so Prism wear­able device, which it has named the BearTag, to help guests expe­ri­ence more out of their day. The BearTag will pro­vide guests with a per­son­al­ized itin­er­ary and guide them through their expe­ri­ence at the indoor adven­ture cen­ter, allow­ing them to receive live mes­sages and reser­va­tion noti­fi­ca­tions, make cash­less pay­ments for meals and mer­chan­dise, and claim free photos. 

accesso Blog Series: Serving Up a Hit Musical to New Audiences with Ingresso

In the the­atre world, con­nect­ing with new audi­ences is extreme­ly reward­ing. Yes, open­ing night per­for­mances and sold-out hous­es are both excit­ing and grat­i­fy­ing, but at the end of the day, there’s noth­ing quite as spe­cial as know­ing that you helped an audi­ence mem­ber dis­cov­er a per­for­mance, an idea or sto­ry for the very first time. Our Ingres­so solu­tion is designed to fuel expe­ri­ences just like that by con­nect­ing events to new audi­ences from all around the world. We are pleased to be part­ner­ing with the Adel­phi The­atre in London’s West End to intro­duce audi­ences to the Tony Award-nom­i­nat­ed hit musi­cal Wait­ress this year. It’s com­mon to hear of shows that promise some­thing for every­one, but Wait­ress has so many dif­fer­ent lay­ers and mes­sages, and car­ries an incred­i­ble back­sto­ry of empow­er­ment that can inspire many peo­ple in dif­fer­ent ways.

accesso® and Merlin Entertainments Take Long-Standing Partnership to New Heights at The Bear Grylls Adventure

With the use of acces­so tech­nol­o­gy – includ­ing the acces­so Pass­port® tick­et­ing suite, the acces­so LoQueueSM queu­ing suite and The Expe­ri­ence EngineTM solu­tion – guests of The Bear Grylls Adven­ture will enjoy a tru­ly immer­sive expe­ri­ence through every step of their jour­ney, from tick­et­ing to reser­va­tions, meal and gift shop pur­chas­es, and more. 

accesso Learning Series: Amplify Your Marketing with accesso ShoWare Qualifiers!

We’re excit­ed to announce the lat­est enhance­ment in our acces­so ShoWare box office solu­tion, Loca­tion-Based Qual­i­fiers! Qual­i­fiers empow­er venues to facil­i­tate seam­less mar­ket­ing cam­paigns. The first phase in this release brought the abil­i­ty to set per­for­mance-lev­el cred­it card restric­tions, mean­ing that a the­atre could offer exclu­sive AmEx pre-sales for spe­cif­ic per­for­mances with just a few clicks in the back-end. With this sec­ond phase, it’s even eas­i­er to run pro­mo­tions with spe­cial part­ners and set aside inven­to­ry for group sales. Direc­tor of Client Suc­cess Joe Wettstead and Prod­uct Ana­lyst Kate MacBean-Valverde intro­duce us to the many ben­e­fits and oppor­tu­ni­ties for uti­liz­ing Qual­i­fiers Phase 2 and pro­vide a demo in our lat­est learn­ing series video.