In attractions industry, Lake Mary's accesso office is growing — and gets new leader.

In attractions industry, Lake Mary's **accesso** office is growing — and gets new leader.

Reporter Gabrielle Rus­son of The Orlan­do Sen­tinel pro­filed acces­so’s growth and new CEO in a sto­ry pub­lished today. acces­so gen­er­at­ed $133 mil­lion in rev­enue this past year, which is almost triple the com­pa­ny’s rev­enue in 2012. Of that $133 mil­lion, $20 mil­lion went direct­ly back into research and development. 

Rus­son notes that, in the past five years, acces­so has acquired sev­er­al com­pa­nies to expand their port­fo­lio of prod­ucts serv­ing the grow­ing leisure and enter­tain­ment indus­try. In addi­tion, the num­ber of team mem­bers sit­u­at­ed in Cen­tral Flori­da has near­ly dou­bled to about 220 people.

The tech­nol­o­gy com­pa­ny’s new CEO, Paul Noland, sees even more expan­sion ahead. Even though we’ve had a ton of growth,” he said, we feel like we’re just get­ting started.” 

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