Assigned seating solutions for every venue.

Box Office Ticketing Solutions to Help You Sell More Tickets!

OnSite Ticketing

The accesso ShoWare box office module provides a simple sales experience for every assigned seating need. Our real-time integrations ensure seat sales online, on social media and at the box office are perfectly in sync, eliminating the need for ticket allocations.

Box Office Ticketing

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    In-House Control

    Set and retain your own patron fees such as convenience fees, facility fees, per order fees or method of delivery fees directly from your ticketing system. All fees can be customized for different sales channels to help you drive sales to your box office or online ticketing system. Plus, choose to show fees separately or choose all-in pricing to help you better serve your guests and sell more tickets.

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    Patron Management Tools

    Our best-in-class ticketing system comes equipped with powerful CRM features and captures all contact and sales information from each ticket purchase whether single event tickets, packages, bundles or memberships. Your customer information is yours to keep and data can be accessed directly from your box office ticketing system 24/7.

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    Access Control

    Our cloud-based scanning solution is included as part of our overall service model. Access control is fully integrated with your ticketing system for real time validation. Plus, IN and OUT scanning gives you a real time view of how many guests are in your venue at any given time.


Our cutting-edge technology and superb customer service provide an affordable alternative to outsourcing box office ticket operations. With our licensed ticketing software, you’ll enjoy total in-house control, private labeling, content management and a holistic view into the patron journey, all in one easy-to-use interface.

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    Simplified Sales Process

    With an intuitive layout and easy-to-use interface, our accesso ShoWare solution's box office ticketing software provides a fast and simplified sales process for your staff and customers alike.

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    Highly Configurable

    From setting your own fees to setting up your own events, our accesso ShoWare ticketing system is highly customizable. Control on-sale dates, ticket allocations, pre-sale codes, and even send your own marketing emails directly from your backend with just a few clicks.

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    Packages & Bundles

    Create event ticket packages at compelling discounts for flex bundles, mini-series or season packages to up-sell and provide flexible offerings to patrons. Everything you offer from your box office can be made available in your online ticketing system to help drive sales and make purchasing convenient for your guests.

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    24/7 Emergency Support

    Our ticketing system is best-in-class but what truly sets us apart is our dedication to service. We provide US-based technical support at no additional charge to ensure each client is guaranteed exceptional service whenever they need it. Our client services team is on call 24/7/365 to provide emergency support for all clients.

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    Gift Cards

    Through our partnership with ValuTec™, our accesso ShoWare solution supports the use and sale of gift cards for both online ticket sales and box office purchases.

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    Reserved Seating

    Our interactive seat map feature allows patrons using your online ticketing system to select their own seats in real time. The moment a seat is added to a patron's shopping cart, it will appear unavailable to any others viewing the same seat map, including the box office.

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    System Insights

    Run reports on any date range and include single or multiple events. Our reports provide the business intelligence you need to effectively optimize your pricing and promotions, including everything from event ticket sales to coupon redemption and sales channel reports. Accounting reports can be viewed on screen or exported to CSV file for importing into other accounting applications.

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    Donations & Memberships

    Collect and track donations and memberships to an unlimited number of funds and campaigns with our Fund Management module. Donations and memberships work seamlessly with online ticket sales and onsite box office ticketing, allowing your guests to step into new levels of loyalty with you at the time they are most engaged.


Our accesso ShoWare ticketing system includes over 90 standard report templates designed to meet your daily, weekly and annual needs. Monitor your event ticket inventory, track scanning data, and better understand your patrons throughout every step of the purchasing journey.

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    Custom Reports

    Our client services team can generate custom reports to suit your venue’s unique needs. Many of our existing report templates can be easily adjusted to address specific or custom information from your ticketing system.

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    Promoter Access

    Enable promoters to monitor their shows and ticket sales without relying on your box office staff. All reports in the promoter portal are real-time.

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    Marketing Reports

    Our marketing reports capture a variety of information about patron purchases, which can be especially useful when planning event marketing and media buys for promoters. Access a prior event with a similar genre, or even the same event from a prior year, to see what media was successful and what was not. Track metrics from pricing code and coupon redemption to zip code demographics for purchases across your online and box office ticket systems.

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    Direct Deposit Financial Settlement

    With our accesso ShoWare ticketing system, you control the settlement process. All ticket and fee revenues are passed through your internet enabled merchant account and deposited directly into your bank account. Our fees are invoiced at the end of each month.

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    GoodData Integration

    Deliver real-time business analytics and event ticketing intelligence to your box office with our GoodData Integration. GoodData analyzes your data and delivers intuitive and suggestive insights through customizable dashboards and an easy to navigate interface, enabling you to make powerful business decisions.

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    Real-time Reports

    Our reports provide simple and accurate data all in real-time, with filters for date ranges, single or multiple events and more. View your reports on screen or export via CSV file for import into other accounting applications.

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Call Center Sales

Discover how our call center can become a seamless extension of your ticket sales organization. Our call center agents are trained to provide outstanding technical support, sell tickets and most of all, provide exceptional customer service to your patrons. All sales calls are routed through our call center to professional agents who are provided relevant information about your venue and its current events. This optional call center service can be included with your accesso ShoWare ticket software and can provide outstanding ROI for your venue.

Patron Management Tools

Build a deeper understanding of your customers to nurture lifelong relationships and loyalty. Patron history and data stored within your own accesso ShoWare ticketing system can provide highly effective advertising reach to maximize your marketing efforts. Whether you are looking for theatre ticket software, concert ticket software, or special event ticketing for fairs and festivals, data on your existing patrons is a valuable marketing tool and our solution delivers that information 24/7.

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    CRM features

    Our best-in-class ticketing software comes equipped with powerful CRM features and captures all contact and sales information from each ticket purchase. Your customer information is yours to keep and data can be accessed directly from your ticketing system 24/7.

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    Patron Data

    When purchasing tickets, patrons have the option to set up an account which they can easily access and update at any time, keeping your records updated as well. Our accesso ShoWare ticket system software offers unlimited space for patron data and history, and these records remain a permanent part of your system. All information can be exported in a CSV format for use in third party software - or talk to us about developing a custom integration to your CRM system of choice.

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    Understand every aspect of the patron journey with our powerful and easy-to-use reporting. Our accesso ShoWare ticketing system includes over 70 standard reports with filters for date ranges, single or multiple events and more. Advanced reporting is available through our integration with GoodData or talk with our client services team about developing a custom report for your venue's unique needs.