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Online eCommerce

Designed to reflect your branding, the accesso Siriusware eCommerce module brings the familiar and reliable accesso Siriusware ticketing solution to the Internet. Provide your guests with the ability to purchase tickets, memberships and many other products through the eCommerce module while harnessing the fully integrated power of the accesso Siriusware application suite.

Online eCommerce

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    Passholder & Membership Sales

    Offer guests the convenience of purchasing Memberships and Passes online, allowing them to enter their own guest information so they can get right to exploring your venue when they arrive.

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    Secure Payment Processing

    Integrating with the Charge Cards module makes eCommerce an additional sales solution that processes credit cards securely online.

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    Custom Web Design

    We offer custom web design and development as part of our professional services.

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    Membership Benefits

    It's never been easier to offer special perks to your most loyal customers. Manage everything from free t-shirts to complimentary guest passes and more.

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    RFID Ticket Reload

    Reduce lines at the ticket counter with our RFID module.

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Additional Features

Designed to integrate with your existing website, the eCommerce module brings the familiar, solid accesso Siriusware engine to the Internet. Integrating with Charge Cards module makes eCommerce an additional sales solution that processes credit cards securely online.

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    Payment Plans

    accesso Siriusware Payment Plan functionality enables your guests to break up the payments of expensive passes and pay over time.

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    Real-time Ticket Selling

    Leverage the integrated products of the accesso Siriusware ticketing solution to sell tickets, In-House Cards, Memberships and more in real-time onsite and online.

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    Consistent Product Offering

    You have the ability to sell what you want, where you, when you want with our eCommerce solution. All products that are available for sale onsite can be made available online as well.

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    Client Controlled Content and Open API

    Utilizing our product management software tools, clients can design how product appear online to guests.

Product Management

The accesso Siriusware software solution offers product management tools that put you in control of your products from start to finish. With the ability to set up, configure and manage ticket package, product and price changes with a user friendly interface, managing your product offerings has never been easier.

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    Centrally Configured

    Setup, configure and manage the sale of general admission, time/date specific and capacity limited offerings across all sales channels.

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    Real Time Product Changes

    Propagate real time product and price changes across all sales channels and terminals.

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    Dynamic Pricing

    Enjoy the ability to configure dynamic pricing for various products based on factors such as group membership, location of the sale, date or time and much more.

Upgrade to the industry’s most powerful eCommerce platform

If you’re looking for a fully hosted, high availability eCommerce engine focused on driving more revenue for your venue than ever before, then the accesso Passport eCommerce solution might be the right fit for you.

Analytics & Reporting

With our customizable reporting tool, you can decide what reports you want, when you want them and exactly how they should be delivered. We offer custom report development for our accesso Siriusware clients using Microsoft® Reporting Services, a powerful tool included in Microsoft SQL Server®.

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    Custom Reports

    Modify or create new reports to suit your every need and educate your business decisions at every point-of-sale throughout your venue.

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    Scheduled Reports

    Manage the way you receive your data. Set up and configure the reports you need most to be automatically delivered to your email inbox when you need them.

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    Export to Excel

    Slice and dice your data to make more informed marketing and product business decisions.

accesso Siriusware Client Support

As part of the accesso Siriusware warranty and maintenance, 24/7/365 emergency phone support is provided with tech support staff on call at any time including holidays.

Third Party Integrations

Our accesso Siriusware solution's flexible integration capabilities let you utilize your existing systems to work hand-in-hand with other accesso Siriusware modules to provide a powerful, custom solution to suit your venue's unique needs. Some of our third party integrations include Axess, JCA, Ryan Solutions, EzWaiver, 1Risk, Winretail, Inntopia and more.