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OnSite Ticketing

With over 25 years of industry experience, the accesso Siriusware ticketing and admissions module offers everything you need to simplify your operations and provide fast and easy transactions for your guests. From a streamlined front gate point-of-sale, to a seamless season pass processing experience, to providing groups flexible payment options and access control, our ticketing and admissions solutions have been designed to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of venues.

OnSite Ticketing

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    Ticketing & Admissions

    The Ticketing module is the backbone of the accesso Siriusware system and allows for easy setup and sale of all of your admission products. Our centralized approach allows you to manage one set of inventory for all sales channels including box office, group sales, Internet, kiosk and mobile.

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    Memberships & Season Passes

    Our Membership & Season Passes module streamlines your membership/Pass programs and accommodates even the most complex promotional, discount and benefit programs.

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    The Reservation module allows for multiple types of advance sales and integrates seamlessly into the Sales screen.

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    Access Control

    Access Control module works hand-in-hand with the Ticketing and Membership modules to track, and potentially restrict, visitors as they move through your site. Allowing visitors to bypass walk-up ticket lines and gain direct access to your site is just one of the primary benefits of using Access Control module.

Ticketing & Admissions

Make selling tickets simple for your operators with the accesso Siriusware Ticketing & Admissions module's intuitive touch screen interface. The Ticketing & Admissions module allows operators to set up and manage users, configure products for sale, manage real-time inventory, generate reports and more.

Memberships & Season Passes

The Membership and Season Pass module is a fast, reliable system to efficiently manage complex promotions including season passes, memberships, loyalty programs and discount programs. Create customizable passes, capture and print photos, gather guest data before or after the sale and issue and track passes with sophisticated security features - all with one easy to use system that seamlessly integrates with the rest of your venue's operations.

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    Create Passes

    Create and process high quality season passes and membership ID cards, completely customizable to your unique venue and needs.

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    Membership & Passholder Benefits and Discounts

    Manage members-only promotions easily, including loyalty/frequency programs and multi-use cards. Make it quick and easy to offer special promotions and perks to your most loyal guests.

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    Payment Plans

    Memberships and season passes can be a significant investment for your guests. Make their decision easier by offering Payment Plans as an option that's easy on the wallet and simple for your operations staff to manage.

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    Track Guests and Monitor Use

    Track pass holder upgrades, renewals and reprints. Keep track of how guests use your services with a centralized database that stores guest information such as invoices, rentals and more.

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    Manage Guest Data

    Collect and manage pertinent guest data such as birthdays, t-shirt sizes, rental history and more.

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    CRM Integration

    Build and maintain great guest relationships with accesso Siriusware CRM solutions - now with Raiser's Edge and Salesforce integration.

Mobile Solutions

Mobilize your front gate and deploy your front gate staff for line-busting with our tablet-based fully-featured mobile point-of-sale solutions.

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Gift Card and Payment Solutions

From gift cards to credit card processing and everything in-between, accesso Siriusware’s various payment solution modules make payment processing simple, fast and secure.

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    Gift Cards

    Our accesso Siriusware solution's In-House Cards module provides a no-hassle way for your guests to pay for items while providing you with increased tracking and management of your gift card programs. The In-House Cards module provides you with the entire integrated power of the accesso Siriusware application suite.

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    Point & Pay

    Give guests more freedom with Point & Pay, which allows them to make purchases and check balances with just their fingerprint!

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    Credit Cards

    Our PCI and PA-DSS compliant Charge Card module eliminates the need to maintain and support a separate network of credit card machines and ensures no double entry of payment amounts and no need to balance credit card totals at the point-of-sale.

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    Folio Charge

    The Folio Charge module allows the accesso Siriusware sales platform to interface with hotel management software. Your onsite hotel can utilize the entire integrated power of the accesso Siriusware application suite to sell items and bill the charges directly to a guest's hotel room.

Entry Hardware Solutions

Access Control

The accesso Siriusware solution’s Access Control module offers several access control options to keep your area secure while gathering real-time admissions information. Regardless of the option, a sound access control solution improves operational and financial controls by validating purchases made across all sales channels and provides decision makers with detailed attendance reporting information.

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    Ticketing Kiosks

    Improve guest experiences and reduce lines at the ticket counter with easy to use self-service kiosks. Add cashless functionality to allow guests to manage their accounts independently.

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    Handheld Barcode Scanners

    Whether it's a temporary entrance or your venue's front gate, our handheld scanners allow your gate attendants mobility and flexibility to deal with any entry situation.

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    With barcode, mag swipe and RFID support, accesso Siriusware's turnstile solutions offer on-screen and audio feedback to assist attendants at your front gate.

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    RFID Access

    Leverage accesso Siriusware's integration with top hardware providers such as Axess Gates for cutting-edge RFID gate solutions that offer the convenience of RFID Access for your guests.

Analytics and Reporting

With customizable management reporting tools you can decide what reports you want, when you want them and exactly how they should be delivered. accesso Siriusware offers custom report development using Microsoft® Reporting Services, a powerful tool included in Microsoft SQL Server®.

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    Custom Reports

    Modify reports or create new ones to suit your every need and educate your business decisions at every point-of-sale throughout your venue.

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    Scheduled Reports

    Manage the way you receive your data. Setup and configure the reports you need most to be automatically delivered to your email inbox when you need them.

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    Export to Excel

    Slice and dice your data to make more informed marketing and product business decisions.

Product Management Software

The accesso Siriusware software solution offers product management tools that put you in control of your products from start to finish. With the ability to set up, configure and manage ticket package, product and price changes with a user friendly interface, managing your product offerings has never been easier.

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    Centrally Configured

    Set up, configure and manage the sale of general admission, time/date specific and capacity limited offerings across all sales channels.

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    Real-Time Product Changes

    Propagate real-time product and price changes across all sales channels and terminals.

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    Dynamic Pricing

    Enjoy the ability to configure dynamic pricing for various products based on factors such as group membership, location of the sale, date or time and much more.

accesso Siriusware Client Support

As part of the accesso Siriusware warranty and maintenance, 24/7/365 emergency phone support is provided with tech support staff on call at any time including holidays.

Third Party Integrations

Our accesso Siriusware solution's flexible integration capabilities let you utilize your existing systems to work hand-in-hand with other accesso Siriusware modules to provide a powerful, custom solution to suit your venue's unique needs. Some current integrations include: Axess, 1Risk, JCA, Winretail, Ryan Solutions, Inntopia and EzWaiver.


Whether you're looking for new servers, credit card devices or monitors, let us help guide you in selecting the perfect hardware to accompany your new software purchases! A Hardware Specialist can consult with you on the best hardware for your needs and provide you with additional support throughout your hardware selection process.