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acces­so Tech­nol­o­gy Group plc (the Com­pa­ny) is an AIM list­ed com­pa­ny (AIM: ACSO). We have active sub­sidiary com­pa­nies in sev­er­al coun­tries includ­ing the USA and Cana­da and gen­er­ate our rev­enue from tick­et­ing, mobile and eCom­merce tech­nolo­gies and vir­tu­al queu­ing solu­tions for the leisure, enter­tain­ment and cul­tur­al mar­kets. Our patent­ed and award-win­ning tech­nol­o­gy solu­tions dri­ve increased rev­enue for attrac­tion oper­a­tors whilst improv­ing the guest experience.

The Board of Direc­tors (the Board’) is pri­mar­i­ly respon­si­ble for the strate­gic direc­tion of acces­so (the Group) and com­pris­es two exec­u­tive direc­tors and five non-exec­u­tive direc­tors, includ­ing the chair­man. The Board is sat­is­fied that four of the non-exec­u­tive direc­tors have no rela­tion­ships or oth­er mat­ters which could affect their respec­tive judg­ment in car­ry­ing out their duties and, accord­ing­ly, they are con­sid­ered by the Board to be inde­pen­dent of management. 

The Board is com­mit­ted to achiev­ing the high stan­dards of cor­po­rate gov­er­nance with­in the Com­pa­ny and its sub­sidiaries, which it seeks to demon­strate by adopt­ing and being ful­ly com­pli­ant with the prin­ci­ples of the Quot­ed Com­pa­nies Alliance’s Cor­po­rate Gov­er­nance Code (the QCA Code’). The Board con­sid­ers the QCA Code is rel­e­vant and appro­pri­ate for the Com­pa­ny as the ten prin­ci­ples of the QCA Code focus on pur­suit of medi­um to long-term val­ue for share­hold­ers with­out sti­fling the entre­pre­neur­ial spir­it in which the Com­pa­ny was created.’ 

Accord­ing­ly, the Board ensures the Com­pa­ny has a strong gov­er­nance frame­work embed­ded with­in its cul­ture and applies the prin­ci­ples of the QCA Code. The Board peri­od­i­cal­ly reviews the gov­er­nance frame­work and, as the Com­pa­ny evolves, will make such improve­ments as con­sid­ered necessary. 

Infor­ma­tion is set out below illus­trat­ing how the Com­pa­ny address­es the prin­ci­ples of the QCA Code and fur­ther infor­ma­tion and dis­clo­sures are con­tained with­in the 2018 Annu­al report and finan­cial statements.

The Com­pa­ny is sub­ject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers. 

This page pro­vides access to the man­ag­ing and finan­cial infor­ma­tion required by Rule 26 of the AIM rules for companies. 

Bill Rus­sell

Non-Exec­u­tive Chair­man

27 March 2019

The sec­tions below set out the ways in which the Com­pa­ny applies the ten prin­ci­ples of the QCA Code. 

  1. Estab­lish a strat­e­gy and busi­ness mod­el which pro­mote long-term val­ue for share­hold­ers

    At acces­so, we believe tech­nol­o­gy has the pow­er to rede­fine the guest expe­ri­ence. Our vision is to con­nect vis­i­tors and venues with pur­pose, pas­sion and part­ner­ship. Our patent­ed and award-win­ning solu­tions dri­ve increased rev­enue for attrac­tion oper­a­tors whilst improv­ing the guest expe­ri­ence and, in turn, deliv­er­ing share­hold­er val­ue.

    Our ambi­tion is to sup­port the largest oper­a­tors and take our busi­ness to every cor­ner of the globe and our mis­sion is to be the pre­mier tech­nol­o­gy part­ner with­in the leisure, enter­tain­ment and cul­tur­al mar­kets by pro­vid­ing inno­v­a­tive and secure solu­tions backed by inspired peo­ple with relent­less com­mit­ment to ser­vice.

    We invest heav­i­ly in prod­uct devel­op­ment because our indus­tries demand it, our clients ben­e­fit from it and it makes a pos­i­tive impact on the guest expe­ri­ence.

    The strat­e­gy and busi­ness oper­a­tions of the Group are set out on pages 3 to 27 of the 2018 Annu­al report and finan­cial state­ments.

    The Group’s strat­e­gy is devel­oped by the senior man­age­ment team and approved by the Board. The man­age­ment team is respon­si­ble for imple­ment­ing the strat­e­gy and man­ag­ing the busi­ness at an oper­a­tional level.
  2. Seek to under­stand and meet share­hold­er needs and expec­ta­tions

    The Com­pa­ny and Board recog­nise the impor­tance of devel­op­ing and main­tain­ing good rela­tion­ships with all the var­i­ous cat­e­gories of share­hold­ers and devote sig­nif­i­cant effort and resource in this respect.

    The Board is com­mit­ted to main­tain­ing good com­mu­ni­ca­tion and hav­ing con­struc­tive dia­logue with its share­hold­ers. There is reg­u­lar dia­logue with share­hold­ers which includes hold­ing brief­in­gs with ana­lysts and oth­er investors, includ­ing employ­ee share­hold­ers.

    The Board reports to the share­hold­ers on its stew­ard­ship of the Com­pa­ny through the pub­li­ca­tion of inter­im and final finan­cial results and these and oth­er sig­nif­i­cant devel­op­ments are dis­sem­i­nat­ed through the Lon­don Stock Exchange’s Reg­u­la­to­ry News Ser­vice (‘RNS’) and by way of time­ly updates to the Company’s web­site. The Com­pa­ny main­tains reg­u­lar news flow and includes con­tact details on all its news releas­es to enhance the infor­ma­tion it shares and to ensure ongo­ing dia­logue with share­hold­ers.

    The Board views the annu­al gen­er­al meet­ing as a forum for com­mu­ni­ca­tion between the Com­pa­ny and all its share­hold­ers and encour­ages and wel­comes their par­tic­i­pa­tion. The exec­u­tive and non-exec­u­tive direc­tors and the chair­man attend the annu­al gen­er­al meet­ing and are avail­able to answer ques­tions, both for­mal­ly dur­ing the meet­ing and infor­mal­ly after­wards.

    Enquiries from indi­vid­ual share­hold­ers on mat­ters relat­ing to the busi­ness of the Com­pa­ny are wel­comed. Share­hold­ers and oth­er inter­est­ed par­ties can sub­scribe to receive noti­fi­ca­tion of news updates and oth­er doc­u­ments from the Com­pa­ny via email. In addi­tion, the exec­u­tive direc­tors meet with major share­hold­ers to dis­cuss the progress of the Com­pa­ny and pro­vide peri­od­ic feed­back to the Board fol­low­ing meet­ings with share­hold­ers. acces­so direc­tors also reg­u­lar­ly present at var­i­ous investor con­fer­ences around the world with the aim of facil­i­tat­ing dis­cus­sions with investors and indus­try stake­hold­ers. This pro­gramme of investor rela­tions is run by acces­so and a PR com­pa­ny is also retained to assist in share­hold­er com­mu­ni­ca­tions. Share­hold­ers can con­tact the Com­pa­ny direct­ly using the fol­low­ing email address: investors@​accesso.​com.

    Karen Slat­ford, as the senior inde­pen­dent direc­tor, and the oth­er non-exec­u­tive direc­tors are all will­ing and avail­able to engage with share­hold­ers, should they have a con­cern that is not resolved through the nor­mal channels.
  3. Take into account wider stake­hold­er and social respon­si­bil­i­ties and their impli­ca­tions for long-term suc­cess

    The Group is aware of its cor­po­rate social respon­si­bil­i­ties and the need to main­tain effec­tive work­ing rela­tion­ships across a range of stake­hold­er groups which includes the Group’s employ­ees, cus­tomers, part­ners, sup­pli­ers and reg­u­la­to­ry author­i­ties. There is a reg­u­lar engage­ment with each of these stake­hold­er groups.

    Clients, Part­ners and Sup­pli­ers

    There is an ongo­ing dia­logue, in the nor­mal course of busi­ness, with our clients, part­ners and sup­pli­ers where we receive feed­back and can take appro­pri­ate actions. We have a strin­gent pro­cure­ment process, select our part­ners and sup­pli­ers with care and under­take thor­ough due dili­gence checks on prospec­tive part­ners and sup­pli­ers to ensure they observe high stan­dards of ethics, val­ues and cor­po­rate social respon­si­bil­i­ty sim­i­lar to our own.


    The Group’s pol­i­cy is to con­sult and engage with employ­ees, by way of meet­ings, sur­veys and through per­son­al con­tact by direc­tors and oth­er senior exec­u­tives, on mat­ters that are like­ly to affect employ­ees’ inter­ests. Infor­ma­tion on mat­ters of con­cern to employ­ees is giv­en in meet­ings, hand­outs, let­ters and reports, which seek to achieve a com­mon aware­ness on the part of all employ­ees on the finan­cial and eco­nom­ic fac­tors affect­ing the Group’s per­for­mance.

    The Group’s pol­i­cy is one of equal oppor­tu­ni­ty in the selec­tion, train­ing, career devel­op­ment and pro­mo­tion of staff. The Group has a pol­i­cy not to dis­crim­i­nate against dis­abled employ­ees for those vacan­cies that they are able to fill and will pro­vide facil­i­ties, equip­ment and train­ing to assist any dis­abled per­sons employed.
  4. Embed effec­tive risk man­age­ment, con­sid­er­ing both oppor­tu­ni­ties and threats, through­out the orga­ni­za­tion

    The Board has over­sight of the Group’s sys­tems of risk man­age­ment and inter­nal con­trol and under­takes a sys­tem­at­ic review of the key risks and uncer­tain­ties which the Group faces. The Board seeks to embed risk man­age­ment and to facil­i­tate the imple­men­ta­tion of risk man­age­ment mea­sures through the Group’s busi­ness.

    Through the activ­i­ties of the Audit Com­mit­tee, the effec­tive­ness of the cur­rent inter­nal con­trols is reg­u­lar­ly reviewed.

    The Board is sat­is­fied that the Group’s risk man­age­ment and inter­nal con­trols sys­tems are ade­quate and at this stage the Board does not con­sid­er it appro­pri­ate to estab­lish an inter­nal audit func­tion.

    The Board has iden­ti­fied the prin­ci­pal risks and uncer­tain­ties which it believes may impact the Group and its oper­a­tions, as well as a num­ber of key per­for­mance indi­ca­tors with which to mea­sure the progress of the Group. A sum­ma­ry of these prin­ci­pal risks and uncer­tain­ties fac­ing the Group, as well as the key per­for­mance indi­ca­tors and alter­na­tive per­for­mance mea­sures are set out on 10 to 19 and pages 25 to 27 of the 2018 Annu­al report and finan­cial state­ments.

    The Group main­tains a com­pre­hen­sive pro­gramme of insur­ance, includ­ing insur­ance against a mate­r­i­al loss or claim against the Group and direc­tors’ and officer’s indem­ni­ty insurance.
  5. Main­tain the Board as a well-func­tion­ing bal­anced team led by the chair

    The Board of direc­tors com­pris­es two exec­u­tive direc­tors and five non-Exec­u­tive direc­tors, includ­ing the Chair­man.

    The Board is sat­is­fied that four of the non-exec­u­tive direc­tors includ­ing the chair­man have no rela­tion­ships or oth­er mat­ters which could affect their respec­tive judg­ment in car­ry­ing out their duties and, accord­ing­ly, they are con­sid­ered by the Board to be inde­pen­dent of man­age­ment.

    All of the direc­tors are sub­ject to elec­tion by share­hold­ers at their first annu­al gen­er­al meet­ing after their appoint­ment to the Board and seek re-elec­tion at each annu­al gen­er­al meet­ing there­after.

    Fur­ther details on each of the direc­tors are avail­able on the Board of Direc­tors sec­tion on this page below. As can be seen from their pro­files each of the direc­tors brings a mix­ture of skills, expe­ri­ence and knowl­edge, the bal­ance of which enables the Board to dis­charge its duties effec­tive­ly.

    The Board is respon­si­ble for approv­ing the Group’s strate­gic aims, objec­tives and com­mer­cial strat­e­gy and approv­ing the annu­al oper­at­ing and cap­i­tal expen­di­ture bud­gets as well as hav­ing over­sight of the Group’s oper­a­tions. The Board usu­al­ly meets for­mal­ly on a month­ly basis, at least ten times a year, and at such oth­er times as required. There are reg­u­lar infor­mal dis­cus­sions between the exec­u­tive and non-exec­u­tive direc­tors. The time required of direc­tors may fluc­tu­ate depend­ing on the demands of the busi­ness and oth­er events. They are expect­ed to allo­cate suf­fi­cient time to the Com­pa­ny to per­form their duties effec­tive­ly and make them­selves avail­able for all reg­u­lar and ad hoc meet­ings.

    Direc­tors are pro­vid­ed with clear and accu­rate infor­ma­tion relat­ing to mat­ters to be con­sid­ered at the Board and Com­mit­tee meet­ings, includ­ing pro­pos­al papers, man­age­ment reports, infor­ma­tion on risk man­age­ment, progress on key ini­tia­tives and rou­tine mat­ters such as finan­cial report and state­ments on cur­rent trad­ing. The infor­ma­tion is pro­vid­ed in a time­ly man­ner to ensure an appro­pri­ate lev­el of review by each of the Direc­tors ahead of the meet­ings.

    The Board is sup­port­ed by an Audit Com­mit­tee and Remu­ner­a­tion Com­mit­tee. The sched­ule of mat­ters reserved for the Board and terms of ref­er­ence for the Com­mit­tees are avail­able via the links below:
    - Mat­ters Reserved for the Board
    - Audit Com­mit­tee Terms of Ref­er­ence
    - Remu­ner­a­tion Com­mit­tee Terms of Reference
  6. Ensure that between them the direc­tors have the nec­es­sary up-to-date expe­ri­ence, skills and capa­bil­i­ties

    The Board reg­u­lar­ly reviews the com­po­si­tion of the Board to ensure that it has the nec­es­sary breadth and depth of skills to sup­port the ongo­ing devel­op­ment of the Group. The Board con­sid­ers that all of the non-exec­u­tive Direc­tors have the req­ui­site skills and con­sid­er­able expe­ri­ence with­in the tech­nol­o­gy are­na to bring objec­tiv­i­ty, knowl­edge and exper­tise to its activ­i­ties.

    The biogra­phies of the direc­tors are set out in the Board of Direc­tors sec­tion of this page below. The direc­tors receive updates from the com­pa­ny sec­re­tary and oth­er var­i­ous exter­nal advis­ers on legal require­ments and reg­u­la­tions, remu­ner­a­tion mat­ters and cor­po­rate gov­er­nance best prac­tice.

    All direc­tors have access to the com­pa­ny sec­re­tary and are per­mit­ted to obtain inde­pen­dent pro­fes­sion­al advice at the Company’s expense where they con­sid­er it nec­es­sary for them to effec­tive­ly dis­charge their duties.

    The Com­pa­ny recog­nis­es the impor­tance of diver­si­ty, includ­ing gen­der, at the Board and all lev­els with­in the Group. We are com­mit­ted to increas­ing diver­si­ty across our oper­a­tions and to sup­port­ing the devel­op­ment and pro­mo­tion of tal­ent­ed indi­vid­u­als, regard­less of gen­der, eth­nic back­ground or oth­er­wise. By way of exam­ple, the Women’s Lead­er­ship Pro­gramme launched in March 2019, the first ses­sion of which focused on Lead­er­ship Identity. 
  7. Eval­u­ate board per­for­mance based on clear and rel­e­vant objec­tives, seek­ing con­tin­u­ous improve­ment

    The per­for­mance and effec­tive­ness of the Board, its Com­mit­tees and of indi­vid­ual Direc­tors is reviewed reg­u­lar­ly. Over the pre­vi­ous year the Board under­took a for­mal review which was con­duct­ed inter­nal­ly by the com­pa­ny sec­re­tary and con­sist­ed of writ­ten respons­es to a ques­tion­naire. Rec­om­men­da­tions were made based on the results which were dis­cussed by the Board at one of their meet­ings. An action plan was then devised, and progress will be mon­i­tored through­out the year.

    On an on-going basis Direc­tors are encour­aged to raise any issues or con­cerns with the Chair­man as soon as appro­pri­ate, as the Chair­man will do in the event there are any mat­ters caus­ing the Com­pa­ny con­cern.

    In addi­tion, the per­for­mance of all con­tin­u­ing Direc­tors is con­sid­ered before they are pro­posed for re-elec­tion at each AGM.

    It is con­sid­ered that the com­po­si­tion and size of the Board does not war­rant the appoint­ment of a Nom­i­na­tions Com­mit­tee and appoint­ments are dealt with by the Board as a whole. The need to appoint such a com­mit­tee is sub­ject to review by the Board.

    The Board in con­junc­tion with the senior man­age­ment teams, has over­sight of the suc­ces­sion plans for man­age­ment with­in the organisation.
  8. Pro­mote a cor­po­rate cul­ture that is based on eth­i­cal val­ues and behav­iours
    acces­so adheres to a high stan­dard of ethics, val­ues and cor­po­rate social respon­si­bil­i­ty and these prin­ci­ples under­pin our gov­er­nance pro­ce­dures and the strate­gic and man­age­ment deci­sions that we make.

    Glob­al Cul­ture Guide’ issued to all employ­ees sets out the expect­ed stan­dards of con­duct and busi­ness ethics and clear­ly states the Group’s core val­ues: team­work, com­mit­ment to inno­va­tion, the pas­sion­ate pur­suit of excel­lence and integri­ty as a part­ner to our clients.

    Employ­ees are required to com­plete manda­to­ry train­ing on an annu­al basis cov­er­ing a range of mat­ters, which in recent months includ­ed pre­ven­tion of mon­ey laun­der­ing and anti-bribery and cor­rup­tion; pre­vent­ing work­place harass­ment; pri­va­cy and data pro­tec­tion; and infor­ma­tion secu­ri­ty aware­ness. accesso’s Whistle­blow­ing Pol­i­cy encour­ages and pro­vides means for employ­ees to anony­mous­ly report wrong­do­ing, which extends to mod­ern slav­ery, human rights vio­la­tions and traf­fick­ing, with­out fear of redress or reprisal.

    acces­so con­tin­ues to invest in its peo­ple, cre­at­ing a pos­i­tive work­ing envi­ron­ment that attracts and retains the best tal­ent in our indus­try. The Com­pa­ny was named num­ber four on The Best Places to Work list for large com­pa­nies by the Orlan­do Busi­ness Jour­nal. These indi­ca­tors reflect the strength of our cul­ture and the qual­i­ty of our peo­ple, who remain the dri­ving force behind our suc­cess.

    The senior man­age­ment team reg­u­lar­ly mon­i­tors the Group’s cul­tur­al envi­ron­ment and seeks to address any con­cerns that may arise, esca­lat­ing these to Board for con­sid­er­a­tion as nec­es­sary.

    The Com­pa­ny recent­ly launched a glob­al per­for­mance ini­tia­tive as well as admin­is­ter­ing its 5th annu­al employ­ee engage­ment sur­vey with 95% participation.
  9. Main­tain gov­er­nance struc­tures and process­es that are fit for pur­pose and sup­port good deci­sion-mak­ing by the Board

    The Board is respon­si­ble for for­mu­lat­ing, review­ing and approv­ing the Groups’ strat­e­gy, bud­gets and major items of expen­di­ture.

    The exec­u­tive direc­tors have day to day respon­si­bil­i­ty for the oper­a­tional man­age­ment of the Groups’ activ­i­ties. The non-exec­u­tive direc­tors are respon­si­ble for bring­ing inde­pen­dent and objec­tive judge­ment to Board deci­sions.

    The chair­man is respon­si­ble for over­see­ing the run­ning of the Board, ensur­ing that no indi­vid­ual or group dom­i­nates the Board’s deci­sion mak­ing and ensur­ing the non-exec­u­tive direc­tors are prop­er­ly briefed on mat­ters. The chief exec­u­tive offi­cer has respon­si­bil­i­ty for imple­ment­ing the strat­e­gy of the Board, along­side the chair­man, and man­ag­ing the day to day activ­i­ty of the Group. The com­pa­ny sec­re­tary is respon­si­ble for ensur­ing that Board pro­ce­dures are fol­lowed, and applic­a­ble rules and reg­u­la­tions are com­plied with.

    Detailed pro­pos­al papers, man­age­ment reports, a risk reg­is­ter, progress on key ini­tia­tives and rou­tine mat­ters such as finan­cial reports and a state­ment on cur­rent trad­ing are pro­duced in advance of meet­ings to enable prop­er con­sid­er­a­tion and debate of mat­ters by the Board in its meet­ings.

    Major strate­gic ini­tia­tives involv­ing sig­nif­i­cant cost or per­ceived risk are only under­tak­en fol­low­ing their full eval­u­a­tion by the Board. Mat­ters of an oper­a­tional nature are del­e­gat­ed to exec­u­tive man­age­ment. The Board’s meet­ings are prop­er­ly min­ut­ed.

    The Board has estab­lished an Audit Com­mit­tee and a Remu­ner­a­tion Com­mit­tee with for­mal­ly del­e­gat­ed duties and respon­si­bil­i­ties. The mat­ters reserved for the Board and the terms of ref­er­ence for both Com­mit­tees are avail­able via the links below:
    - Mat­ters Reserved for the Board
    - Audit Com­mit­tee Terms of Ref­er­ence
    - Remu­ner­a­tion Com­mit­tee Terms of Ref­er­ence

    Remu­ner­a­tion Com­mit­tee
    The Remu­ner­a­tion Com­mit­tee con­sists of inde­pen­dent non-exec­u­tive direc­tors David Gam­mon, Andy Mal­pass and Karen Slat­ford, who chairs the com­mit­tee. The Com­mit­tee takes regard of the return to share­hold­ers in its delib­er­a­tions. It reviews the per­for­mance of the exec­u­tive direc­tors, sets their remu­ner­a­tion, con­sid­ers the grant of options under any share option scheme and ensures that the exec­u­tive direc­tors are prop­er­ly reward­ed and moti­vat­ed. In addi­tion, they pro­vide guid­ance on pay and con­di­tions for oth­er employ­ees in the Group. The Remu­ner­a­tion Com­mit­tee meets on an as required’ basis.

    Audit Com­mit­tee
    The Audit Com­mit­tee is chaired by Andy Mal­pass and David Gam­mon and Karen Slat­ford, all of whom are inde­pen­dent non-exec­u­tive direc­tors. The com­mit­tee is respon­si­ble for over­see­ing the involve­ment of the Group’s audi­tor in the plan­ning and review of the Group’s finan­cial state­ments, any oth­er for­mal announce­ments relat­ing to the Group’s finan­cial per­for­mance, for rec­om­mend­ing the appoint­ment of fees of its audi­tor, and for dis­cussing with the audi­tor the find­ings of the audit and issues aris­ing from the audit. It reviews the Group’s com­pli­ance with account­ing, legal and list­ing require­ments. It is also respon­si­ble, along with the Board, for review­ing the effec­tive­ness of the sys­tems of inter­nal con­trol. The com­mit­tee con­sid­ers the inde­pen­dence and objec­tiv­i­ty of the audi­tors with regard to the way in which they con­duct their audit duties. The com­mit­tee also looks to ensure that the auditor’s inde­pen­dence is not com­pro­mised by their under­tak­ing of non-audit ser­vices.

    As well as review­ing the Company’s pub­lished results, the Com­mit­tee reviews the Group’s cor­po­rate gov­er­nance process­es, account­ing poli­cies and pro­ce­dures report­ing to the Board on any con­trol issues iden­ti­fied. The Audit Com­mit­tee meets at least twice per year to review the Inter­im results and Annu­al report and finan­cial state­ments and to con­sid­er any oth­er asso­ci­at­ed mat­ters.

    Pages 28 to 40 and page 46 of the 2018 Annu­al report and finan­cial state­ments con­tain fur­ther infor­ma­tion on the work of the Board’s committees.
  10. Com­mu­ni­cate how the Com­pa­ny is gov­erned and is per­form­ing by main­tain­ing a dia­logue with share­hold­ers and oth­er rel­e­vant stake­hold­ers

    As detailed under QCA Code Prin­ci­ple 2 above, the Board is com­mit­ted to com­mu­ni­cat­ing reg­u­lar­ly, effec­tive­ly, clear­ly and accu­rate­ly with the Company’s share­hold­ers and oth­er stake­hold­ers to keep them appraised of the Company’s progress. The Reg­u­la­to­ry Infor­ma­tion sec­tion of this web­site, below, is kept up-to-date and con­tains copies of reg­u­la­to­ry announce­ments, the Company’s finan­cial results, and investor pre­sen­ta­tions and cir­cu­lars . Press releas­es can be found on the News page of this web­site.

    At the annu­al gen­er­al meet­ing held on 21 May 2019 all res­o­lu­tions were passed. The announce­ment of the results was advised to the mar­ket via the RNS and the announce­ment can be accessed via the Reg­u­la­to­ry Announce­ments sec­tion of this web­site below.

Board of Directors

Bill Russell

Bill Rus­sell

Non-Exec­u­tive Chairman

Bill Rus­sell joined acces­so as the Non-exec­u­tive Chair­man in March 2019, to lead the board and help dri­ve the short and long-term growth strat­e­gy for the com­pa­ny. Rus­sell also cur­rent­ly serves as the Non-exec­u­tive Chair­man of PROS Hold­ings Inc., which pro­vides AI-pow­ered solu­tions that opti­mize sell­ing in the dig­i­tal econ­o­my, and as the Non-exec­u­tive Chair­man of Pik­sel, an online video man­age­ment solu­tions provider. He is also a mem­ber of the Board of Direc­tors at The Uni­ver­si­ty of Edin­burgh USA Devel­op­ment Trust and B.T. Mancini 

In the past Rus­sell has served on the boards of SABA Soft­ware, web­Meth­ods and Cog­nos, and has also served in a vari­ety of roles on the boards of sev­er­al pri­vate tech­nol­o­gy com­pa­nies in a career span­ning sev­er­al decades. He is a Board Lead­er­ship Fel­low with the Nation­al Asso­ci­a­tion of Cor­po­rate Direc­tors (NACD), demon­strat­ing a com­mit­ment to the high­est stan­dards of board­room excellence. 

Rus­sell brings 23 years of career expe­ri­ence from a num­ber of senior man­age­ment roles at Hewlett Packard, includ­ing Vice Pres­i­dent and Gen­er­al Man­ag­er of Hewlett Packard’s mul­ti-bil­lion-dol­lar Enter­prise Sys­tems Group and its Soft­ware Solu­tions Group. 

He holds a B.Sc. degree in Com­put­er Sci­ence from Edin­burgh Uni­ver­si­ty and is based in Sil­i­con Val­ley, CA

Steve Brown

Steve Brown

Chief Exec­u­tive Officer

As Chief Exec­u­tive Offi­cer at acces­so, Steve Brown leads the day-to-day oper­a­tions of the company.

Like many attrac­tions indus­try vet­er­ans, Brown’s ear­ly theme park career began dur­ing col­lege as an hourly employ­ee at the Walt Dis­ney World Resort in Orlan­do. After a break to pur­sue his MBA, he returned to Dis­ney where he held a vari­ety of roles with increas­ing respon­si­bil­i­ty in finan­cial plan­ning and pric­ing strat­e­gy includ­ing devel­op­ment of revised mul­ti-day admis­sion offer­ings to incor­po­rate the open­ing of Disney’s Ani­mal King­dom. In 1999, Brown was named Direc­tor, Walt Dis­ney World Tick­et­ing where he led all aspects of the Resort’s tick­et­ing process across its nine gat­ed attrac­tions includ­ing pric­ing strat­e­gy, ful­fill­ment oper­a­tions, train­ing and finan­cial management.

In 2002 he was named Vice Pres­i­dent, Rev­enue Man­age­ment for the Dis­ney­land Resort in Ana­heim, Cal­i­for­nia. Brown suc­cess­ful­ly drove dra­mat­ic growth in park admis­sions and hotel rev­enues through sig­nif­i­cant changes to strate­gic and pro­mo­tion­al pric­ing, the intro­duc­tion of new tick­et options and by lever­ag­ing tech­nol­o­gy to expand sales dis­tri­b­u­tion chan­nels. In this broad based exec­u­tive role, he held pri­ma­ry finan­cial account­abil­i­ty for the Resort’s hotel and tick­et rev­enues, led all pro­mo­tion­al and strate­gic pric­ing efforts, and man­aged the atten­dance fore­cast­ing and vis­i­ta­tion research func­tions. In 2005 his role was expand­ed to encom­pass line-of-busi­ness respon­si­bil­i­ty for the Dis­ney­land Annu­al Passh­old­er pro­gram includ­ing acqui­si­tion and renew­al mar­ket­ing, passh­old­er expe­ri­ence opti­miza­tion, CRM and pric­ing strat­e­gy. Brown’s con­tri­bu­tions were key to the Dis­ney­land Resort’s 2005 – 2006 record finan­cial per­for­mance dur­ing the cel­e­bra­tion of the land­mark attraction’s 50th anniversary.

Pri­or to join­ing acces­so, Brown served as the cor­po­rate Vice Pres­i­dent of Tick­et Strat­e­gy and Sales for Six Flags. While at Six Flags, he led a 220 per­son sales force respon­si­ble for dri­ving near­ly 35% of the company’s admis­sions rev­enue. Brown cham­pi­oned an over­haul of the company’s eCom­merce process, which dou­bled the already sig­nif­i­cant online sales and estab­lished Six Flags’ nation­al part­ner­ships with major dis­trib­u­tors includ­ing Expe­dia, Trav­e­loc­i­ty, Best Buy Reward Zone and Cost­co. He led a com­pre­hen­sive, research based review of the company’s tick­et pric­ing and devel­oped the strate­gic plan for 2007 price adjust­ments across the company’s North Amer­i­can theme parks and water parks. The imple­men­ta­tion of this plan con­tributed sig­nif­i­cant­ly to 2007 atten­dance growth and the company’s pos­i­tive cash flow results for the first time in its history.

Brown received his MBA from the Goizue­ta Busi­ness School at Emory Uni­ver­si­ty in Atlanta and grad­u­at­ed with a BS in Mar­ket­ing from the Uni­ver­si­ty of South Flori­da in Tampa.

Tom Burnet

Tom Bur­net

Non-Exec­u­tive Director

Tom Bur­net joined acces­so in late 2010 and served as CEO and Exec­u­tive Chair­man before mov­ing into his cur­rent role as a Non-exec­u­tive Direc­tor. Tom was for­mer­ly Man­ag­ing Direc­tor of a divi­sion of Ser­co Group plc, a glob­al out­sourc­ing com­pa­ny, over­see­ing the 5000 per­son Defense Ser­vices division.

Dur­ing his career he has been involved in cre­at­ing, grow­ing and run­ning sev­er­al busi­ness­es and start­ed his career as the UK’s youngest Army Offi­cer. He also has an MBA from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Edinburgh.

He believes acces­so can grow to become a cor­ner­stone of the glob­al attrac­tion and leisure industry’s sup­ply chain.

David Gammon

David Gam­mon

Non-Exec­u­tive Director

David Gam­mon has wide­spread expe­ri­ence in devel­op­ing and build­ing tech­nol­o­gy based busi­ness­es. Since 2001, David has focused on find­ing, advis­ing and invest­ing in UK tech­nol­o­gy com­pa­nies. David found­ed Rock­spring, an advi­so­ry and invest­ment firm, which focus­es on ear­ly stage tech­nol­o­gy com­pa­nies and where David con­tin­ues as CEO today. Oth­er cur­rent posi­tions include non-exec­u­tive chair­man at Fron­tier Devel­op­ments plc, non-exec­u­tive direc­tor at Rasp­ber­ry Pi Trad­ing Lim­it­ed, and advis­er to Mar­shall of Cam­bridge (Hold­ings) Limited. 

In 2017 David was elect­ed as an Hon­orary Fel­low of the Roy­al Acad­e­my of Engi­neer­ing and in 2018 was elect­ed as a mem­ber of the Scale Up Insti­tute. In 2019 he became a mem­ber of the indus­tri­al advi­so­ry board to IQ Cap­i­tal Part­ners Lim­it­ed.

Pre­vi­ous expe­ri­ence includes non-exec­u­tive direc­tor and advi­sor at arti­fi­cial gen­er­al intel­li­gence com­pa­ny Deep­Mind Tech­nolo­gies Lim­it­ed. Ear­li­er in his career David worked as an invest­ment banker for over 15 years.

David joined acces­so in Novem­ber 2010 as a Non-Exec­u­tive Direc­tor. David is a mem­ber of the remu­ner­a­tion and audit com­mit­tees and per­formed the role of audit com­mit­tee Chair from 18 March 2016 to until 26 June 2018.

Karen Slatford

Karen Slat­ford

Senior Inde­pen­dent Director

Karen Slat­ford has sig­nif­i­cant expe­ri­ence of work­ing in the glob­al tech­nol­o­gy and busi­ness are­nas, serv­ing cur­rent­ly as Senior Inde­pen­dent Direc­tor at Micro Focus Inter­na­tion­al plc and Soft­cat plc and as non-exec­u­tive chair of Drap­er Esprit plc. Between 1983 and 2001, Slat­ford worked at Hewlett Packard where, in 2000, she became Vice Pres­i­dent and Gen­er­al Man­ag­er World­wide Sales & Mar­ket­ing for the Busi­ness Cus­tomer Organ­i­sa­tion. She was respon­si­ble for sales of all Hewlett Packard’s prod­ucts, ser­vices and soft­ware to busi­ness cus­tomers globally.

Slat­ford is a mem­ber of the Audit Com­mit­tee and the Chair of accesso’s Renu­mer­a­tion Committee.

Andy Malpass

Andy Mal­pass

Non-Exec­u­tive Director

Andy Mal­pass has over 30 years’ expe­ri­ence in the soft­ware indus­try cov­er­ing both pri­vate and pub­lic com­pa­nies, includ­ing approx­i­mate­ly 20 years as Group Finance Direc­tor of Fidessa Group plc. Andy also served as Com­pa­ny Sec­re­tary of Fidessa Group plc for many years. He is cur­rent­ly an Inde­pen­dent Non-Exec­u­tive Direc­tor and Chair of the Audit Com­mit­tee at Kain­os Group plc. Andy grad­u­at­ed with a BA (Hons) in Account­ing and Finance from Lan­cast­er Uni­ver­si­ty and is a Fel­low of the Char­tered Insti­tute of Man­age­ment Accountants. 

Andy is an Inde­pen­dent Non-Exec­u­tive Direc­tor and Chair of the Audit Com­mit­tee and a mem­ber of the Remu­ner­a­tion Com­mit­tee at acces­so

Reg­u­la­to­ry Information

Share­hold­er Information

Total shares in issue as of 30 March 2020: 27,700,182

Share­hold­ers hold­ing in excess of 3% of issued share capital

Shareholders (as of 30 March 2020)
Shareholders (as of 30 March 2020) Shareholding Percent of Issued Share Capital
Liontrust Investment Partners LLP
Liontrust Investment Partners LLP Shareholding 3,781,019 Percent of Issued Share Capital 13.65%
Allianz Global Investors GmbH
Allianz Global Investors GmbH Shareholding 2,040,253 Percent of Issued Share Capital 7.37%
M&G plc
M&G plc Shareholding 1,851,282 Percent of Issued Share Capital 6.68%
Canaccord Genuity Group Inc
Canaccord Genuity Group Inc Shareholding 1,835,880 Percent of Issued Share Capital 6.63%
Jupiter Asset Management Ltd
Jupiter Asset Management Ltd Shareholding 1,541,500 Percent of Issued Share Capital 5.56%
BlackRock, Inc.
BlackRock, Inc. Shareholding 1,392,545 Percent of Issued Share Capital 5.03%
Metzler Asset Mgt
Metzler Asset Mgt Shareholding 1,108,545 Percent of Issued Share Capital 4.01%
Quilter PLC
Quilter PLC Shareholding 835,263 Percent of Issued Share Capital 3.02%
FIL Investment International
FIL Investment International Shareholding 832,860 Percent of Issued Share Capital 3.01%

Shares not in pub­lic hands (as of 27 March 2020)

Name Shares Held Percent of Issued Share Capital
Mr. Steve Brown
Mr. Steve Brown Shares Held 665,774 Percent of Issued Share Capital 2.40%
Mr. Tom Burnet
Mr. Tom Burnet Shares Held 248,923* Percent of Issued Share Capital 0.90%*
Mr. John Alder
Mr. John Alder Shares Held 60,540 Percent of Issued Share Capital 0.22%
Mr. David Gammon
Mr. David Gammon Shares Held 48,000 Percent of Issued Share Capital 0.17%
Mr. Bill Russell
Mr. Bill Russell Shares Held 30,000 Percent of Issued Share Capital 0.11%
Ms. Karen Slatford
Ms. Karen Slatford Shares Held 11,835 Percent of Issued Share Capital 0.04%
Mr. Andy Malpass (either personally or has an interest in)
Mr. Andy Malpass (either personally or has an interest in) Shares Held 4,352 Percent of Issued Share Capital 0.02%
Total Shares Held 1,069,424 Percent of Issued Share Capital 3.87%
*Includes a beneficial interest in 200,000 Ordinary Shares held through the Lo-Q Employee Benefit Trust.
*Includes a beneficial interest in 200,000 Ordinary Shares held through the Lo-Q Employee Benefit Trust. Shares Held Percent of Issued Share Capital


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5978770, 6529786, 6748364, 6813608, 6889900, 7046790, 7516148, 7895066, 8239231, 8396727, 8606605, 100349190, 0958553, 1024080, 3910638, 5149297, 2224183, 0958553, 1769467, 8779889.

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